Happy December!!

Oh!  Hey there, blog-I’ve-neglected-for-two-months!  Nice to see that you still exist.  You see, from approximately mid-October to about now, life’s been a bit crazy and hectic, and blogging didn’t seem all that relevant or interesting, despite many blog-worthy things happening.  (Major baking day with the girls, meeting Michael Pollan, creating some pretty cool recipies.)  But, … Continue reading

Got the cold season blues!

When I started this blog (last week) I promised myself that I would post Tuesdays and Thursdays and occasionally on Sundays.  The idea is that if I set those parameters, I might actually stick to blogging.

My intention for today was to perhaps post a recipe, or some other fun thing, especially in light of the first post I wrote.  But I’m sick, at home, in bed, running a fever on and off, and feeling woozy.  It’s no fun, let me tell you!

So I’m calling in sick from blogging today, and writing about it to keep me honest!  Have a great day!  And stay healthy!  I promise something much more fun for Thursday!