Happy December!!

Oh!  Hey there, blog-I’ve-neglected-for-two-months!  Nice to see that you still exist.  You see, from approximately mid-October to about now, life’s been a bit crazy and hectic, and blogging didn’t seem all that relevant or interesting, despite many blog-worthy things happening.  (Major baking day with the girls, meeting Michael Pollan, creating some pretty cool recipies.)  But, you see, a family member had some major surgery, and I played care-taker for a bit, while trying to keep up with work and school.  It was exhausting and emotionally trying and, well, the blog and some other things were the least of my concern at the time.

But, it’s the start of a new month (this post was supposed to be up yesterday, oops!) and I like fresh starts.  Now that the chaos from my family member’s illness has settled down significantly, I can try to get back into a routine.  And boy, do I need one!  Because in the chaos of everything, I managed to pack on the pounds, lose sight of lots of my goals, and fall into a state of personal-disrepair.

Soooo, since goal-setting is such an important part of making lifestyle changes and living a healthy life, I thought maybe I’d outline some of my goals for December.

  1. Work out 3-6 days weekly.
  2. Pack my lunch and snacks daily. (ie: eat homemade foods more and purchase foods less)
  3. Drink my water daily!

I think that’s about it for now.  Three things, that if I can get back into doing, will set me up for success.  For me, baby steps have always worked, and the accumulation of those baby steps is how I first got healthier.  I want to get back on track and I need the lifestyle changes I make to stick.  So since I’ve fallen away from a lot of my healthy habits, if I can start with these three, it’s at least a start!

Keep your eyes out for a new blog on Sunday!  I’ve got 2 cookie swaps coming up that I’m excited about, and look forward to sharing recipes for!

What are some of your goals this month?  (They don’t have to be health/fitness related!)

Happy December!!


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