Honest Weight Food Co-op Local Harvest Festival 2011

If you live in the capital region of NY, there’s a little place in downtown Albany, tucked in an alleyway on Central Avenue, which may very well be one of my favorite places.

The Honest Weight Food Co-op, a member owned and operated natural foods market, that’s open to the public, is a great place to pick up a bite to eat at lunch, shop for a host of locally and ethically sourced ingredients, try a tidbit of gourmet cheese (proffered by an expert cheese monger) or get connected to a diverse, community of like-minded individuals.  In some ways, it’s a foodie nirvana.  And when you’re looking to cook and eat well in Albany, it’s a fabulous resource!

Today was the Co-op’s 3rd Annual Local Harvest Festival.  It’s a great day down in Washington Park featuring local vendors of all sorts of food, crafts and other products, as well as live music, and activities for children.

Here’s a recap of today’s festivities in pictures!

Cider glaze...


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