October Unprocessed


In my introductory post, I wrote about a book that pretty much got the ball rolling for me in terms of wanting to make healthy choices for my life.  That book was In Defense of Food:  An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan. One of the major arguments in the book (and I do plan on doing an in-depth review of the book, but more on that later), is that we should eat unprocessed foods.  Whole foods would be better for us, better for the environment…just hands down better.

Earlier this week, entirely by chance because it was mentioned on another blog I read, I came across this challenge called October Unprocessed 2011.  And it’s an idea I can definitely get behind!  When I began this health journey, seriously, 2 years ago, it was a priority for me to incorporate more whole foods into my diet. Incidentally, it fed into my need and desire to cook more, because if you’re eating whole foods…well you’ve got to prepare them!

That’s not to say that there are not prepared food options that are minimally processed and widely available!  (For a discussion on Eating Rules about what constitutes unprocessed, click here!)  I will wholeheartedly admit that until you get into the swing of cooking regularly or make preparing your own meals a priority, those minimally-processed convenience foods?   Well, they’re convenient!  And the highly-processed convenience foods?  They’re also convenient!  And lately, I’ve been relying on them (the highly-processed variety) more often than I’d like while I’m striking a new balance between my new schedule and old one.  So I’m signing up to be a part of October Unprocessed.  And I’m going to write about it here!  Because what’s a better way to fine-tune your habits than joining others who are trying to do the same thing!

And I challenge you to join me!  Who knows, in addition to being better for you, it may open your eyes, and actually be fun!


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