Hi there!  Thanks for finding your way to Cooking My Way to Healthy.  It’s my hope that this blog will become a resource of sorts for those looking to find ways to get healthy in their lives, a place to collect all the various things I’ve read and learned through the years, as well as a place for me to chronicle my own journey to healthy living.

I’m a twenty-something student living in the Capital Region of NY.  I round out my academic pursuits with a part-time job in biomedical research, a part-time job in the food industry and the occasional babysitting of some of the coolest kids I know.  While school and those jobs have a pretty strong hold on my free time, I’m game to spend as much time with family and friends doing fun things, I’m a beginner runner, and aspire to declare myself a hiker and kayaker, I do a bit of gardening, I’m a voracious bookworm, and as a committed foodie and at-home baker, you can find me tinkering in the kitchen many of the days of the week.

In fact, it was in the kitchen that this blog was born.  As someone who has struggled with weight, and had a very terrible relationship with food, it was in the kitchen that I redefined how I saw food, and it was through cooking that I took the initial steps towards getting healthy (with the guidance of various books, professionals and other resources, which, by the way, I intend to share).  Many people have the misconception that being a foodie and being overweight must go hand and hand, though I found the opposite to be true in my own life.  It was only when I found an appreciation for good food and the therapeutics of cooking that I began losing weight!  It is this premise that will fuel Cooking My Way to Healthy!

So, welcome!  Happy reading!  And eating!


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